The Residency
Fall 2022

No. 1

We held our first residency Oct 10 – Dec 16, 2022.

No. 1 invited curious people of any discipline to pursue a burning project while exploring an authentic relationship with self, others, and common space. Fourteen residents (8 from Berlin, 6 from abroad) were offered 24/7 access to the space and an invitation to gather, work, play, produce, host events, and connect this experience of temporary community with their existing local and international communities.


No. 1 was, ultimately, an exploration of gathering, common space, and community. An exploration with a fundamental assertion: that in belonging, we can thrive as individuals, and in thriving, we can belong.

Some residents furthered and some finished their work. Some changed their path, some met collaborators. Some found encouragement to do their life’s work, and some discovered what that work was in the first place. Some experienced conflict, some fell in love. Some left the residency exhausted, and some energized. Everyone made new, deep friendships. And almost all considered it a transformative experience.

Resident experiences

Here's a selection of quotes from residents, supplied in anonymous feedback forms in the final week of residency.

"It feels like I have just experienced one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I feel inspired to continue prioritising connections, people and community.
"It was a great mix of inspiring souls. I felt a strong energetic/intuitive click with most of the residents, and the diversity in practices and ways of expression (dancing, writing, etc.) felt enriching. The combination of being able to have both deep philosophical conversations and be playful and dance felt magical to me."
"I feel that I belong to the place. I felt responsible and challenged. At times frustrated and angry. Hopeful. Empowered and grateful towards the end."
"I am now ready to step into the world and share my work and my gifts."


ohoto of anita
Anita explored a healing modality combining embodiment practices, breath-work and IFS.
ohoto of jelger
Jelger created an immersive sound experience that explores the relation between sonic environments, physical movement, storytelling, and mental and emotional health.
ohoto of elisa
Elisa edited two feature documentaries and produced an ambient sound experience
ohoto of helena
Helena completed the manuscript of the first book in her mindfulness children's book series.
ohoto of kuba
Kuba developed and produced an immersive improv theatre experience.
ohoto of brent
Brent iterated on a community micro-grant program.
ohoto of simon
Simon Ohler wrote a memoir
ohoto of river
River Kenna wrote and developed coursework on the somatic, the imaginal, and the mythopoetic.
ohoto of maria
Maria Saridaki worked on 'Rituals in Trust', an exploration of temporary playful spaces.
ohoto of lauren
Lauren worked on a regenerative governance/finance model for collective climate action.
ohoto of nibras
Nibras explored emotional wellbeing, healing, and aliveness.
ohoto of mage
Mycelium Mage researched language, social dynamics, and the ineffable.
ohoto of ros
Rosalind continued her PhD work on touch as encounter with Otherness.
ohoto of tyler
Tyler finished his manuscript for a sci-fi novel on collective consciousness.