About Medley


Medley Foundation gGmbH i.L.makes communal spaces for collective and individual thriving.

Gathering places can be a vector not just for cultural- and knowledge-exchange, but for wonder, togetherness, and a sense of belonging. We see a future for mixed-use community places that can be beautiful, accessible, mutually cared for, and socially cohesive.  

Since opening in August 2022, we’ve served as an event and exhibition space for local and international communities, and a devoted space for a 10-week residency.

In addition to operating our space, we're exploring the following:

  • What are the optimal conditions of space, grouping, and activity to support a ‘medley’: a synergetic mixture, in which the unique expression of individuals creates a beautiful collective, and in turn the collective supports and invites unique expression?
  • What are the possibilities of a “de-atomised” gathering place — one that invites a co-existence of play, work, socialising, deep connection, contemplation, and healing?


Our core team consists of artists, academics, project managers, game designers, engineers, and storytellers who’ve worked across 6 continents and founded multiple companies and organisations. We have a diverse and robust network of international collaborators in the fields of culture, art, education, technology, sustainability, and community building.

ohoto of mage
Ananta Pandey

Engineer, urban planner.
Formerly Sidewalk Labs @ Google.

Education community builder, kids' book creator and publisher.
Formerly WPP.

Storyteller, community-builder.
Formerly Twitch.

Anthropologist, academic, community-builder of festivals and playful spaces.
Formerly University of Athens.

Chris Smothers

Technologist, serial founder.
Formerly Spacious (sold to WeWork)

Principles of Gathering

When we share space, we aspire to do so with the following spirit. Whether resident, Medley employee, friend of a friend, or event host, we gather with:

We are curious about the world, one another, and ourselves. Curiosity is both a desire to understand and an active practice of openness to the unexpected.

We entertain ideas, experiences, and social tensions with a playful attitude.

We’re considerate of how parts and wholes interrelate. We take responsibility both for our individuality and our commonality.

We cultivate ‘host energy’ — the knack for sensing and caring for group needs. We notice an empty water glass at the table and fill it, we invite a person who’s been quietly waiting for space to participate in conversation. We make people feel at home.