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Die Medley Foundation gGmbH ist ein in Berlin eingetragenes gemeinnütziges Unternehmen. Bislang wurden über 90% unserer Aktivitäten kostenlos oder zu subventionierten Preisen angeboten. Spenden un Zuschüsse ermöglichen uns, einen offenen und inklusive Ort des Zusammentreffens zu erschaffen.

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Berliner Sparkasse
Medley Foundation gGmbH
DE25 1005 0000 0191 1449 91

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Medley Foundation gGmbH is a nonprofit registered in Berlin. To date, over 90% of our programs have been offered for free or at subsidised rates. Donations and grants allow us to create an open, inclusive gathering place.


What residents say, 2 months after finishing a Medley residency

"I never would have finished my novel without Medley" — Tyler Alterman
"Medley was a life-changing experience. For the first time in my life, every fibre of my being felt a sense of belonging in the community; a deeply healing experience for someone who’s wanted to belong her whole life. Additionally, I got to test out and experience embodying a new career within the safe container of the residency. This took me from feeling hopeless before the residency, to feeling empowered, inspired and ultimately changed." — Anita